Early recognition and support with gambling problems

Hände halten fallende Dominosteine auf

The gambling early intervention project was established in 2018. We provide information and support to gamblers and their families. In addition, we provide experts with support in recognising gambling problems early on. We focus on working with people who have experienced immigration.

Before gambling becomes a problem:

  • Outreach work – we come to you!
  • Multilingual initial counselling sessions on gambling behaviour and early recognition of gambling addiction
  • Anonymous support free of charge
  • Providing support
  • We can accompany you to information centres
  • Free training for specialists and migration organisations


Information about our partners

Our project is a collaboration between pad gGmbH and the Berlin Caritas association (Caritasverband für das Erzbistum Berlin e.V.)

Logo padpad gGmbH

Logo pad pad gGmbH is a recognised provider of youth welfare services. It focuses on prevention in over 50 projects.

It provides services in the following fields:

  • Day-care for children
  • Support for families
  • Social work at schools and with young people
  • Career guidance and integration as well as



Logo der Caritas für das Erzbistum Berlin e. V.Berlin Caritas association logo. This organisation is active in Berlin, Brandenburg and Western Pomerania. It is based in Berlin.

Outpatient services provided by the organisation include:

  • General social services,
  • Caritas welfare centres,
  • Information centres,
  • Information and support for migrants
  • For homeless people, the organisation provides counselling as well as soup kitchens, medical care and overnight accommodation.
  • It also provides inpatient services, including hospitals and care homes, children’s homes and youth centres, sheltered housing for the elderly and retirement homes, as well as organisations which support disabled people.




The project is financed by the Berlin Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality and the German Federal Centre for Health Education.


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Gefördert von der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit